HO scale track plans

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A small H0 layout

As my nephew (age: 3) prefers my N scale locomotives more than his teddy by now, I am aware: The day will come, where he needs his own model railroad layout! So reasons enough to start planning right now in HO scale, because this is a more convenient size for the young generation. The following HO scale track plan is for beginners. Construction will follow!

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HO scale track plans

More than a simple runaround oval

Yes - even on small HO train layouts we (!) want freight trains as well as passenger trains, sidings, a little dead end station with possibilities for switching locomotives and overtaking wagons, and some industry! Why? It´s just because we want enough "to do"! It´s a platitude, that dad/grandpa/uncle has AT LEAST the same fun when spending "model-railroad-time" with the young generation - isn´t it? Charming details: The station is placed in a curve, and a bridge in the center of the layout crosses a road to the stone quarry. As the clearance height for automobiles is small, the slope to the bridge should be no problem for the HO model trains.

Reverse loop

This track plan is made for Fleischmann HO scale. But the idea should be even better for Märklin´s three-rail track system, which allows HO model railroad track plans with reversing loops. Two-rail tracks cause a short circuit in a reverse loop, if not wired correctly.
Size: 170 x 90 cm (5,57 x 2,95 ft).
Tracks: Fleischmann HO scale

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HO scale track plan

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Studs - or not?

Although there is a reversing loop, I prefer 2-rail tracks for optical reasons. I don´t like the "Märklin studs" or a 3rd rail track on H0 model railroad layouts. Read more about this everlasting discussion, and about the spelling: "HO" or "H0"?







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