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"The Terminus" on 4 x 8 feet

Model railroad track plans

Click picture for download (pdf)!

I don´t know, why 4 x 8 model railroad track plans are not so popular here in Germany. But I´ ve also elaborated an advanced 4x8 idea of the "Terminus Layout", because this bigger size allows N scale Peco Code 55 fine scale tracks instead of Fleischmann rails as used in the original track plan.
Above the 4x8 feet main table. It consists of the layout and a stage yard behind a scenic divider for storing up model trains and rolling stock. Only the core segment is intended for design and moulding; a backdrop divides it from the rest. Basically, the track plan concept is the same: 2 ovals, no pitch, and N scale buildings like the station halls or the signal tower, which spans the main line in front of the left tunnel. The staging yard is only for the outer oval, as this is the route for freight trains, too. The straight parade route in the foreground now is not running parallel to the edge of the table, but at an angle of 5°; the wide curves on the right side are planned with flex tracks at an angle of 25°.

The Peco Code 55 Version

Peco Code 55 N scale is a wonderful track system for advanced modellers. If ballasted in a proper manner, it looks great; 3-way or Y turnouts are available, and the flex tracks are easy to handle. But most of all the large radius turnouts give a smooth and impressive look on a model railway layout - much more realistic than the 15° Fleischmann switches.

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Concept with segments

Model railroad track plan

Click picture for download (pdf)!

Main table: 8 x 4 foot (approx. 240 x 120 cm) benchwork
Core layout segment: 8 x 3 foot (approx. 240 x 90 cm)
Tracks: N scale Peco Code 55 Finescale, flextracks
Crossings and turnouts: 10° angle

The original layout is a classical "door track plan" with roughly 6 x 3 feet - a size, which can be easily transported. Now, this new 8 x 4 version is planned in segments in order to have a maximum of elegant track design, and to keep all transportable, too. Actually, the complete modular construction of this model railroad track plan is more than 4x8, as I interprete "4x8" unorthodoxly. Two more modules on the left and the right side are necessary to bring the tracks (= basically the 2 ovals) back like a dogbone. In the photo above these "dogbone ends" are just rawly drafted as "left turn" and "right turn", projected to dock on the main table as simple boards, either left open or covered with lids to get more space for model railroad scenery. All transitions between the segments are hidden under bridges or tunnels each.

4 x 8 model railroad track plans

4 x 8 ft is a nice size for HO layouts as well as N scale model railroads! But in case of derailments or maintenance workings it is necessary to reach every point with your arms. So a 8 x 4 model railroad layout should not be placed directly in front of the wall unless there is an opening or an access area somewhere. Any distance more than 3 ft away cannot be reached by arms. Option: A walk around the table. When speaking of derailments: model railroad track plans should not be too tight at the edge of the table or benchwork. Compared to the original layout, this idea leaves more space there.




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