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A harbour on the shelf

I realized this small shelf layout some years ago in N scale:

Size: 2,62 x 1,31 ft

Shelf layout

It is a switching layout for 1 loco and max. 3 wagons. The tugboat is self-made.

Shelf layout track plan

Even a small model railroad layout needs a concept! The 3 tracks on the upper left are a kind of "mini-fiddleyard", masked by a bridge. For the rest there is enough space for the engine to shunt or switch the wagons. The embankment is at an angle of 135°.
Size: 80 cm x 40 cm (= 2,62 x 1,31 ft)
Tracks: Fleischmann (piccolo), N scale

N scale shelf track plan (Click picture for pdf download)

N scale shelf track plans

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Under the bridge

A view under the bridge shows the fiddle yard and the track works of this small model railway layout. The tracks are ballasted, before they reach the quay area with cobbled paving. In the background the pier gantry crane. The track plan has two crossings and two turnouts; all are electrically wired. Because of its smaller size, N scale is better for shelf layouts than HO scale.

A view into the harbor area

Shelf layout track plans

N scale ships - DIY!

N scale ships

As my other N scale model ships, the tugboat is made from balsa wood and printed computergrafics. The steel piling is crinkled cardboard; the water is woodchip wallpaper, colored and finished with gloss varnish.


At the storage shed

Micro layout

"Hey - what´s in the car?"

Diorama "Under the bridge, part II"

Small track plan

The empty wagon goes back to the "world". End of this micro-layout!

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