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Point to point on the desktop

Is it a diorama or a switching layout? This small N scale layout is an industry scenery too, but it is even smaller then my other industry track plan idea! This point-to-point plan is designed on little 3,93 x 1,96 ft. Although there is no continuous run, the distances for the rolling stock are long enough for some activity, because the building on the right side masks a 180° turn.

Click picture for download (pdf)!

N scale switching layout

A tunnel as a building

Model railroad switching layouts often have a point to point concept. Traffic goes from "A" to "B", and vice versa. This track plan has a 3rd stop - the huge building on the left side with additional tracks and sidings. Model trains go from the building on the right side to the upper level, making a stop over in the middle of the layout. The buildings? Everything you want for an industry scenery: Refinery, blast furnace, plants & factories, steelworks… - so enough work for kitbashing fans, especially the "tunnel building" on the right side.
Small track plans usually have tight space requirements. So does this model railroad layout, too. It has to be constructed exactly, like the pitch to the upper level with a gradient more than 4 %. But locomotives on this small track plan do not have more than 2 or 3 wagons. It is a switching layout - or a diorama with extended functions! If made in HO scale, it could be an idea for a 4 x 8 model railway layout.

An unnecessary loop

A glance into the building on the right sides shows a reversing loop (= the red mark)! But this reversing loops is not necessary for shunting tasks. Check the operations! You could leave the switch, thus avoiding the reversing loop.
Size: 120 x 60 cm (= 3,93 x 1,96 feet)
Tracks: Fleischmann (piccolo), N scale

Click picture for download (pdf)!

N scale switching layouts

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Diorama - or small N scale layout?


These photos are taken from a diorama, which I created some years ago. The layout just consists of some sidings and the smelting furnace factory, a kit which was sold by Minitrix here in Germany at that time. The complete work was meant only to get some skills in model making, ballasting and weathering. But this N scale diorama is my "pioneer" for all small layouts here, and it gives a good impression of an industry scenery!

Small N scale track plans Small N scale layout
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